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Venezuela's Next Government

Summary:Venezuelans are being oppressed by the autocrat Nicolas Maduro. His policies have caused hyperinflation, the Venezuelan currency to depreciate by 90% since the beginning of 2016, an acute scarcity of both food and medicine, and a shocking rise in maternal deaths and infant mortality.Venezuelans are rising up in protest. Protests have occurred continuously for 3 months and arebecoming more intense. Maduro’s armed forces, with the help of paramilitary groups and Bolivian and Cuban soldiers, are now firing metal balls and tear gas canisters directly at protesters. To date they have killed approximately 80 protesters, many of them under the age of 18. In addition they are systematically destroying private property where protests are occurring.Essentially Maduro has co opted Venezuelan oil reserves to pay off his security forces. Maduro is also surviving by paying usurious interest rates to obtain money from sources including China, Russia,Goldman Sachs, Nomura and the hedge fund F…

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